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AHHHHH! REAL MONSTERS [entries|friends|calendar]


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making a new journal. if you want to still be my friend comment. some people ill add anyways but thats prob just liek kelsey and other brockton folk.

im bored. friends cut. comment and youll stay. i might keep some people i like anyways.

i really wiosh i didnt exist right now

such a bad day yesterday. denise had to leave school and i keep crying. me and talia drove her back to springfield and didnt get back till after 2am. i kee crying. it sucks

this is just to make me occupied:

homemadelove's Halloween party:

0_dizzynoise_0 dressed as a Level 5 paladin.
_________bitchh dressed as a inverse fury.
______wh0ababii dressed as a taste.
____onetruelove dressed as a quarterback for the Saints.
___actionn didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
___piinkx3 dressed as Grover Cleveland.
__cookiedough dressed as a SLGTcoCooperative employee.
__parislips dressed as Dick Cheney, and it suited them disturbingly well.
_lalalune dressed as Zachary Taylor.
_tehbrit dressed as Rush Limbaugh.
allinator dressed as a outfielder for the Rangers.
dancnthrulife7 dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
darko_lives dressed as Lucy Lawless riding a cow, and it suited them all too well.
deceivingxheart dressed as a boring ghost.
dream_abouthim dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Lumpy Rhinonose".
fourtyseven dressed as the Governor of Iowa.
furiousgeorge05 dressed as a skeleton.
given_up_620 dressed as your sister.
golden_mistake dressed as the Lord of Yellowville.
hilaryh dressed as a elephant.
jamamamie dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Shrieking Wanderer.
jaymie_jam dressed as Yu-Gi-Oh.
kels_bells7 didn't even show up and doesn't get any candy.
kilmer8786 dressed as the Duke of Asletcit.
l0velivexbeach dressed as the spirit of their dead grandmother Sheryl.
laced__ dressed as Trent Reznor.
lifeguardrae dressed as Judge Judy Sheindlin's brother.
lovexyou4919 dressed as a senior trade show booth bunny.
mad_hatters_tea dressed as a computer.
mattbertinc dressed as a new superhero: Aqua- Eye, and it suited them all too well.
neverseem2learn dressed as something saving, but what, specifically, you can't tell.
oeuvre_ dressed as a zombie.
passionesque dressed as a 1970's disco child.
petrakleinchen dressed as someone who just had sex (and probably just did, too).
roswell78 dressed as Ken Jennings.
shadywanksta dressed as a lecture, though it looked more like Bono.
somedayyoullsee dressed as Optimus Prime.
stangsox518 dressed as Tom Cruise.
thegirlsonfilm dressed as a bottle of Temooft.
trackdancer dressed as Uhura from "Star Trek".
vanilla_blue dressed as a character from "In America".
xo_hunny_xo dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Hammer of Power.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
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comment & ill add you
simple as that.
i just want to know who reads this.

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